Andrew Tate: Donation of £5000 Returned by Football Club 

A grassroots football club has returned the money, donated by alleged r*pist Andrew Tate and his brother. The club sent the cash back when they faced criticism.

When FC United of Wrexham thanked Tristan Tate on Twitter for his £5,000 donation. In the recent episode of the Emergency Meeting podcast, both brothers discussed the incident of financial contribution.

As per Tristan Tate, the head coach of FC United of Wrexham Andrew Ruscoe contacted him many times on Twitter and requested financial aid. The club needed money to sustain the club’s training programs for the younger generations.

Due to the controversial image of Tate’s Brothers and allegations, the club has refunded the money. Tristan got  angered and said:

You messaged me 34 times on X. And finally, your message comes across my desk… This guy Andrew Ruscoe reached out to me asking for funding for his football team, and I looked at his website. I saw he was legit, and I thought, you know what? Fine, after 34 messages, you’re now on my radar; here’s £5000.

One minute ago Andrew Ruscoe you b*tched out to public outcry for some f**king reason and refunded my f**king money.”

Well, FC United of Wrexham is currently busy fundraising so that the club could survive.

FC United Football Club Thanked To Tristan After Receiving the Money 

FC United Football Club wrote a message on Twitter and expressed their overwhelming response. It said, “We want to thank @TateTheTalisman for his extremely kind donation this morning to help our club get a new kit for our U6s & help with the increasing hall fees as we continue our club path to one day reaching the @UEFAFutsal Champions League with our youth sides.”

Last year Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, who is also co-owner of the city’s professional-level football club Wrexham AFC, donated £1,600.

However, the club spokesperson said that after receiving the donation, their sponsor pulled out of the club. Many organizations have started to condemn the club and urge them to send money back.

Tristan shared his thoughts in a podcast and said that he had been messaged for funding by FC United of Wrexham 34 times.

I decided to chip in with £5,000 and hadn’t thought about it since,” he said.

More kids are having their sports uniforms paid for, I’m happy.”

When the club returned the money, Tristan accused the club and said that he was extremely disappointed.

For that, the club remarked, “We are sorry to all those affected and offended, sorry to Tristan for wasting his time.”

More information on Tate Brother’s case

Recently, Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are facing r*pe and human tr*fficking charges and live in Romania. They were detained in December 2022. They have spent three months in jail and then shifted to house arrest. After winning an appeal in August 2023, they are free to move to Romania but cannot leave the country.

Tristan Tate was extremely disappointed Football returned his money 

Tristan Tate was extremely disappointed when FC United of Wrexham returned his donation of £5000. He had been messaged for funding by FC United of Wrexham 34 times.

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