Four Victims Sued Andrew Tate For Rape And Abuse Claims

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate is sued by four British women victims for r*pe and abuse claims in the High Court in London. 

All the civil proceedings were done by lawyers at Tate’s home in Romania. 

This step was taken by the women after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had not prosecuted their case in 2019.  They are seeking “damages for injuries they suffered as a result.” 

Three out of four victims were the subject of investigation by Hertfordshire Constabulary and the investigation was ended in 2019.

Andrew Tate denies the allegations against him
Andrew Tate denies the allegations against him (Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

According to the statement, Law Firm said, “Three of the women bringing the civil action reported that Tate had r*ped and physically assaulted them to the UK police in 2014/2015. After a four-year investigation, Hertfordshire Police sent the case to the CPS for a charging decision. In 2019, the CPS decided not to prosecute.”

Despite additional evidence, the CPS has declined the women’s recent requests to review its decision.

The women are looking for more than £100,000 each in damages from Tate and want the case to be heard in the UK. Three of the women alleged they were r*ped by Tate, with one saying he r*ped her as many as five times.

One of the four women said “We are very pleased that the court has issued our claim, and the case is progressing. We only wish that the police had taken proper action when we made our complaints almost ten years ago.”

She further added, “We are determined to bring Andrew Tate to justice, and this is a major step towards that goal.”

In-depth Details of Tate Brother’s Case Proceedings 

Last month, Romanian Court ruled that Tate has to face a separate trial for a human trafficking case along with the charges of r*pe and sexual assault.

On June 2023, Andrew Tate along with brother Tristan Tate and two Romanian women were charged with human trafficking, r*pe, and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women allegations, which they have denied.

McCue Jury and Partners said the women wanted to bring Tate in front of the High Court

The four did crowdfunding to get financial support for the case. They shared a token of thanks to supporters on the crowdfunding site and wrote “We cannot thank you enough for supporting our fight for justice. This is not just about us but about all women who have suffered at the hands of sexual violence.

As part of an investigation by Bedfordshire Police, British authorities issued a European arrest warrant to the Tate Brothers. Now, they also face criminal prosecution in the UK over r*pe and human trafficking charges.

As part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of r*pe and human trafficking, Bedfordshire Police has obtained a European arrest warrant for two men in their 30s. We are working with authorities in Romania as part of this investigation and will provide an update in due course.

Bedfordshire force said in a statement in March

In the same month, a Romanian court approved a request from Britain to extradite the brothers on allegations of sexual aggression from 2012 to 2015. It will start only when the Romanian trial proceedings have finished. 

Additionally, a Bucharest Court gave a go-ahead for the Tate brothers and other two in Romania to be tried on human trafficking charges in the last month

The Tate brother’s representative said, they “unequivocally deny all allegations,” and are “fully committed to challenging these accusations with unwavering determination and resolve.”

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