Apple Takes Down App Created By Andrew Tate

Technology company Apple has taken down the app “Real World Portal,” created by Andrew Tate. According to a Legal Firm, the app encouraged misogyny and could be an illegal pyramid scheme.

The social media personality Andrew created the app after the closure of his “Hustler University.” This app was developed as an online academy for his followers in order to assist them in making thousands of pounds by sharing Tate’s videos on social media to make them viral.

The platform is termed “the world’s most advanced financial education platform.” It shows a rating of 4.8, but in actuality, the rating was 3.5 if you check the Trustpilot Website.

Andrew Tate has been released from house arrest (Andreea Alexandru/AP) / AP

Furthermore, all allegations are drawn by the legal firm McCue Jury & Partners, which is represented by four British women. As per them, the prime target of the app is young men. Through the app, Tate encourages them to know how to control and exploit women by sharing his videos. They also claimed that the app is the reflection of an illegal pyramid scheme and charged a $49.99 fee for a month from its members.

The Legal firm had said Real World Portal encouraged misogyny and there was evidence to suggest it is an illegal pyramid scheme.” 

The firm stated that

The Real World app is a pyramid scheme that exploits teens and ultimately channels them towards misogynistic ideology.

We’re proud to be working with @VICENews and @Gadget44027447 on an investigation into ‘The Real World’.”

The firm shared its response on Twitter when it got the news of removing the app from the Play Store. They wrote:

We’re glad to see that Apple made the decision today to remove Andrew Tate’s ‘Real World Portal’ from the App Store

Andrew Tate’s Reaction Over The Speculations For The App

The former kickboxer has created “The Real World” app to teach his fans how to earn money and is marketed as the ultimate all-in-one learning platform. Through his creation, his predominant objective is to create a global community of like-minded people to create good wealth.

But, the charges share the negative remarks for the use of the app. 

Tate’s spokesperson shared his reaction over the matter and said “We unequivocally deny the allegations that ‘The Real World’ app operates as a pyramid scheme or perpetuates harmful techniques aimed at exploiting any individuals, particularly women. The user community, which includes a significant number of women within the 200,000-strong user base, can attest to the positive impact and educational value the app provides.”

He further said “Accusations suggesting otherwise are unfounded, lacking credible evidence, and seem to be part of a targeted campaign against Andrew Tate, a known supporter and promoter of the platform. ‘The Real World’ maintains a commitment to complete transparency, ensuring compliance with all legal and ethical standards. We invite skeptics to examine the app independently and affirm that it operates in accordance with legal and moral requirements.”

As per Andrew Tate, the app is developed as an educational platform to foster healthy habits and provides the knowledge of financial literacy, and self-discipline.

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