Social Media Influencer Andrew Tate Soon Launch His Crypto

Beyond social media, Andrew Tate’s popularity rose rapidly and became famous around the world. The millionaire is about to launch his own cryptocurrency as per his latest tweet. 

He shared the news on Twitter, pointing to Crypto Twitter, and wrote, “Hey Crypto Twitter. If I launch a coin and back it with 100m of my own money and never sell. Then I’ll let  members get in early at a discount. and then because I’m the most famous man alive I’ll promote it everywhere let you all make money you have…

The market of cryptocurrency is growing over time and gaining attention from various people. This includes famous individuals such as social media personalities and business professionals who are sharing their interest in taking advantage of this market. Being ahead of everyone, former kickboxer Andrew Tate is planning to launch his cryptocurrency.

Andrew Tate Cryptocurrency
Andrew Tate on cryptocurrency [Images via: @danieldae111 and @MrBlackOG on Twitter]

Back with $100 million of his money, he posted a tweet on social media platform X shared the information, and allowed Hustler’s university members to get an early discount. But, he deleted the post shortly after that.

Youtuber Coffeezilla Shares his remark on Tate’s News

YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, famous as Coffeezilla, shared a tweet soon after Andrew Tate posted the news of launching the cryptocurrency. He said, “Andrew Tate is launching a crypto scamcoin. Last year: “I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY CRYPTO… I don’t need to rob my fans.”

He is famous for bustling online scams and also criticizes Logan Paul for the CryptoZoo controversy. After sharing his remarks with Tate, it is like he sets his eye on a new target.

Referring to Tate’s possible cryptocurrency as Crypto Scamcoin, he pointed out Tate and said that he had backtracked on his earlier statement, denying his connection with a particular crypto project. 

Over Tate’s Deleted post, crypto commenter KashKysh criticized his launch of cryptocurrency, arguing that the influencer was unkind to the crypto community. KashKysh claimed that Tate was only motivated by greed.

In September 2023, he labeled people who invested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a loser and doubted their ability to make the right financial decisions. He expressed skepticism for the long-term survival of the crypto market and commented, “Your internet scam coins will soon go to 0.” 

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Whatever views Tate held, Romanian prosecutors had seized 21 Bitcoin (BTC) from him during the investigation. He has been charged with r*pe, human tr*fficking, and organized crime in the country.

As per a report by Finbold in December 2022, Tate was a guest on Anthony Pompliano’s podcast. During the conversation, he praised Bitcoin for revolutionizing traditional flat transactions. He said that he had an obsession with blockchain technology and boasted about turning an initial investment of $600,000 into $12 million.

Tate encouraged his followers to subscribe to his newsletter and retweet his posts without disclosing the reason behind it. Later, his followers realized that this could be his way of promoting the launch of his cryptocurrency.

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