Former KickBoxer Andrew Tate Plans To Invest Money On Bitcoins, Frustrated With Scams

Renowned social media influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate is about to invest his money in Bitcoin. He has announced his plan to invest money in crypto and expressed his frustration with banks and their scams. He stressed and said, “I am done with the banks.”

Tate was not happy with traditional banks and their financial practices, referring to them as fraudulent schemes. He shared his plans and wanted to shift from fiat to Bitcoin. He informed people by positing his decision on X. He has not made any move yet as he currently holds more cryptocurrency than fiat currency. He said, “I haven’t done this yet because I actually have more crypto than fiat. But I think I’ll just leave fiat completely.”

Andrew Tate Cryptocurrency
Andrew Tate on cryptocurrency [Images via: @danieldae111 and @MrBlackOG on Twitter]

However, he was dissatisfied with fiat money and described it as a “ fiat ponzi scam cash that you self-enslave to earn.”

Andrew Plans To Shift “100M” From Fiat to Bitcoin

On 15 May, Andrew Tate shared his plans on Social Media about investing a huge amount of money on social media. He is frustrated with banks and their scams. He wrote, “I know I’m not supposed to do this in chaotic times but I’m about to leave fiat completely and ape over 100M into BTC.” 

He further added “And I’ll even prove I did it. I’m done with the banks. I’m done with their money. Done with the scams. Then I’m going boating.” Expressing curiosity, some users of X raised concerns about Tate’s tweets and questioned whether Tate would invest $100 million in Bitcoin as he didn’t disclose the currency he plans to move in BTC.

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Andrew is famous for his controversial digital presence and has been involved in cryptocurrency-related news before. He is facing criminal accusations of sexual assault, human -trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang. Russian authorities seized his assets including Bitcoin as well. He promoted Bitcoin for tax avoidance in a video by a criminal lawyer and expressed his interest in launching his own cryptocurrency.

Tate’s Earlier Remarks On Bitcoin Investment

Tate had previously announced his intention to purchase $10 million worth of Bitcoin. His estimated net worth is between $4 million and $12 million, which includes assets such as luxury cars that he co-owns with his brother, Tristan Tate. He claimed that he has been consistently buying Bitcoin since 2018 and has made approximately $85 million from “DeFi Land” during the last bull run.

As per the market, Bitcoin was priced at $66,179, reflecting a 6.43% recovery in the last 24 hours, an 8.27% weekly gain, and a 4% monthly increase, based on data from May 16.

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Effectively, Bitcoin, as a decentralized digital currency, provides a level of security and autonomy that is hard to find with traditional financial channels. Tate runs multiple international markets and deals with large transactions. For him, Bitcoin provides a safeguard against external control and no single entity can freeze assets.

With Bitcoin, it is easy to make smooth and efficient international transactions without exorbitant fees or delays that happen with traditional banking systems. Over the years, Bitcoin has shown remarkable growth and counts as an attractive a asset for investment portfolios.

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