Behind the Ads: YouTube Earn’s £2.4M with Andrew Tate’s Videos

A recent study by the Center for Countering Digital Hate reveals that YouTube has reportedly amassed a staggering £2.4 million from advertisements on videos featuring Andrew Tate, a controversial social media personality. The platform earned this substantial sum from ad revenue generated by channels sharing Tate’s content before they were recently removed by YouTube.

Former kickboxing world champion turned self-styled success coach, Andrew Tate, has faced criticism for promoting content deemed “violently misogynistic” and “deeply conspiratorial.” Experts express concern that Tate’s material could potentially lead viewers down a path to more extreme far-right content. Social media firms are accused of enabling Tate to profit from his controversial content.

Despite being banned from major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, Tate’s Twitter account was reinstated by Elon Musk, owner of Twitter/X. Tate and his brother Tristan, both dual British-US citizens, are facing charges in Romania related to r*pe, human tr*fficking, and forming an organized crime group for the s*xual e*ploitation of women. These allegations are vehemently denied by the Tate brothers.

Exclusive Study Uncovers Exploitative Tactics of Tate’s Business Academy

A recent exclusive study shared with an reputed media reveals disturbing details following a Vice News investigation into Andrew Tate’s online business academy, The Real World. The academy has been exploiting its young followers through social media, exposing several significant YouTube channels involved in promoting the scheme. Despite inquiries, Mr. Tate’s lawyer, Joseph McBride, remained silent in response to questions from Vice.

The researchers focused on The Real World, boasting more than 450 million views, and an undisclosed channel sharing its material, amassing almost 300 million views. The analysis unveiled the astonishing figure of £2.4 million in potential revenue.

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The Center for Countering Digital Hate highlighted a practice where YouTube sometimes allocates ad-generated revenue directly to the channel. It is reported that just over half of the revenue goes to the content creator, while the platform retains the remaining portion.

Imran Ahmed, Chief Executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, alleges that social media companies have played a pivotal role in enabling Andrew Tate to profit from his toxic industry that produces and disseminates hate. Speaking to The Independent, Ahmed asserts that the algorithms employed by these platforms, designed to reward engagement, serve as a crucial mechanism. Figures like Tate, he argues, leverage this system to turn outrage into financial gain, creating incentives for the propagation of violent misogyny that translates into real-world harm for women and girls.

Tate Exploits Loopholes: Social Media Giants Turn a Blind Eye

Imran Ahmed contends that “extremists” like Andrew Tate have discovered a way to circumvent social media bans by capitalizing on their substantial online followings through lucrative affiliate marketing schemes. While platforms eventually took action against the network boosting Tate’s content, Ahmed argues that YouTube and other platforms seem content to turn a blind eye as long as the money keeps flowing in.

This revelation follows Tate’s recent controversial tweet questioning the characterization of Nazis as the “bad guys” during World War II, despite their involvement in the genocide of at least 7 million people, including Jews, Roma and Sinti people, black individuals, LGBT+ individuals, those with disabilities, Slavic people, communists, and other political opponents.

Social media companies have helped Andrew Tate to profit from his toxic industry producing and distributing hate. Their algorithms, which reward engagement, are the crucial alchemy by which toxic figures like Tate turn outrage into gold, thereby incentivising violent misogyny that leads to real-world harm to women and girls.

Imran Ahmed

Tate’s Toxic Influence Fuels Gender Divides Among Youth

Georgia Laming, representing anti-fascism charity HOPE not hate, raises concerns about Andrew Tate’s influence, stating that his misogynistic, hom*phobic, and racist content reaches millions of young people online. Laming emphasizes that Tate’s carefully curated image of confidence, wealth, and lifestyle makes his brand of hateful content appear aspirational, contributing to a growing division in how young men and women perceive gender equality.

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According to Laming, Tate’s material goes beyond mere jokes, being described as violently misogynistic and deeply conspiratorial. She warns that his social media accounts serve as a gateway to even more extreme far-right, misogynistic, and conspiratorial content. Consuming Tate’s content, she adds, may lead young men to explore manosphere spaces, COVID-denial materials, and other extremist influencers.

This revelation follows a report by The Independent, disclosing shocking figures indicating that more young men in the UK have encountered material from Tate than are aware of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Disturbing Poll Reveals Alarming Support for Tate’s Views

The Independent’s exclusive polling, conducted by YouGov, has uncovered that approximately a quarter of young men align with Andrew Tate’s views on how women should be treated. This revelation follows our previous report on the Centre for Countering Digital Hate’s research, which identified 47 videos where Tate promotes what is described as “extreme misogyny.”

The research exposed advertisements on videos featuring Tate discussing physically aggressive actions towards women, such as suggesting to “grip her up by the neck” in a video. Alex Davies-Jones, Labour’s Shadow Safeguarding Minister, condemns Tate’s actions, stating that there is no place for his vile misogyny either online or offline. Davies-Jones emphasizes that Tate has significantly profited from spreading hate, and the impact on young people is enormous.

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