Andrew Tate: Are people following him and turning against feminism?

The popularity of Andrew Tate is getting higher with every passing day. From the war on Hamas to launching a cryptocurrency, his presence in every case talks about curiosity and involvement in different scenarios. Director of Progressive Masculinity Mike Nicholson said he felt a shift in students’ thoughts when he mentioned “feminism. He says, “As soon as I mention feminism, you can feel the shift in the room; they’re shuffling in their seats.”

He had taken a workshop for teenage boys about the challenges of impending manhood. It seems that standing up for the sisterhood comes at the last in their minds. He also mentioned that when he addressed teenage boys and said he is also a feminist, he felt like “I can see them look at me, like, ‘I used to like you.’”

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate
Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate (AP)

Nicholson has organized a program called Progressive Masculinity and shared facts about feminism. He unfolded a belief that feminism is all about equal rights and opportunities for women. He also says, “A lot of it bred from misunderstanding and how the word is smeared.”

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Through his efforts, he tried to expand knowledge on dominance-based models of masculinity. As per him, the traditional and regressive ideas are renewed by masculinity influencers like Andrew Tate.

According to a survey, boys of 16 to 29 year olds are more negative about feminism than men aged over 60. Interestingly, one in five thought good about Andrew Tate. After his arrest in Romania, he got extensive media coverage.  Being banned by many platforms, he has a huge fan following and international fame as he is a literal influencer.

He is following a strategy to increase followers and share his content again by repositioning. And, he termed it as incendiary content sharing. By doing so, he got a fortune from billions of views on his content and more subscriptions to his Hustlers University. The university is designed for boys to get tips on how to become rich.

More Thoughts on Feminism by Different Professionals

There is research performed by Prof Bobby Duffy of Ipsos on King’s College London’s Policy Institute and the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership. He called the research a new and unusual generational pattern. 

Keziah Featherstone, the executive headteacher of the Q3 Academy in Tipton, West Midlands, believes that not everyone thinks attitudes towards misogyny have changed. She mentions that “I have not noticed anything significantly change. And I have worked in education for 30 years.”Instead, she is more concerned about other issues like vaping and school absences.

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Many educators, instructors, and parents spoke to The Guardian about the change in values and conduct that has occurred in light of the widespread use of social media. 

Anna, a former high school teacher who served for 15 years until 2019, claims to have observed a decrease in feminist attitudes among young men during that time, which coincided with an increase in troubling attitudes.

She says, “We interviewed our students talking about the everyday sexism they encountered.” She further adds “The upskirting, slut-shaming, predatory behaviour and casual microaggressions. It was horrifying to see how the girls saw it as just another part of life.”

However, Nicholson says that Tate is awaiting trial but many more alternatives are out in the manosphere as misogynist. He says, “He’s a symptom, not the problem.” 

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