Influencer Andrew Tate Has To Face Allegation By Another Victim

A British woman came forward and accused social Media influencer Andrew Tate of personal assault. The victim whose name Evie told the BBC that she met Tate in August 2014 in a bar in Luton. She further said she was 20 years old when she first met Tate and had a consensual personal encounter with him. He appeared ‘nice’ for the first meeting but he became more violent another time at her apartment. Over her allegations, Tate is continue denying all the allegations of personal assault.

She also stated that he strangled her until she lost consciousness and continued to personal assault her when she became responsive. As he has a huge following on social media, he said many things without any fear such as “You belong to me” and passed other violent threats until he left the next day. She told the media that she was a student when she met him and he was working as a club doorman.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru

Evie’s Testimony Will Help To Build a Strong Case Against Former Kickboxer

She described the incident as Mr. Tate “put his hand on my throat and strangled me. She also said, “All throughout the night he was being fairly aggressive and saying horrible things.” When he left her the next day, she said that the white part of one eye had completely turned red.

According to the reports, she did not inform police anything because she could not figure out the incident was related to personal assault until she discussed the encounter with her friends six years later. 

After reading all the stories flowing around, she got enough courage to come forward with her allegations. She also decided to join the other three victims and may file a civil lawsuit against him. Her allegations will help the Romanian government to move forward with the case against Tate.

However, in a recent Andrew Tate interview with BBC, Tate denied all allegations and said the victim Sophie is “imaginary” and created by the media. For that, he wrote on Twitter that “They then sat down, threw all of this away and attacked me instantly, an ambush,” the internet celebrity wailed in an extended tweet, entering his third day of online whining. “A hit job attempt. They attempted to sucker punch me. They failed.”

Andrew’s Spokesperson Urges Women To Report To Relevant Authorities

Mr. Tate dismissed all personal allegations against him from the very start. The British woman Evie will join the lawsuit against Tate along with other three women. She voluntarily came forward to share her story and made the case stronger against the influencer. She added a strong concluding line against Tate “You’re going to be held accountable for what you’ve done.” 

All women in their 20s and early 30s opened up with their stories of personal assault against Andrew Tate when he was living in the UK. Per her, she is putting her efforts to inspire others and spread awareness about communication to share their unique perspectives. 

Andrew’s Spokesperson told BBC that he strongly encourages women to report their cases to relevant authorities if they have experienced assault in any form. 

He further said that “He is saddened that a few opportunistic women whom he has allegedly spent time with nearly a decade ago have decided to try and take advantage of his current situation. We will not be commenting any further on anyone’s alleged intention to pursue legal action unless such action is submitted to the authorities.”

As per the latest reports, prosecutors are busy with the investigation of Tate’s brother for allegations of suspected human trafficking. Both brothers deny all those allegations and no charges have been proved against him. 

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