Andrew Tate’s Charity Work: The Inside Scoop

In April of last year, shortly after his release from a Romanian prison and placement under house arrest, Andrew Tate skillfully maneuvered his way back into the limelight. Despite facing serious charges such as s*xual assault, r*pe, and involvement in an organized crime group, he tactfully avoided addressing these allegations. The dark underbelly of his rise to fame, including connections to explicit websites, manosphere networks, and dubious get-rich-quick schemes, remained conveniently unmentioned. Instead, Tate redirected attention to a seemingly noble cause, unveiling a newfound commitment to philanthropy.

Self-Proclaimed Figure Converts Wealth into Charity

The self-proclaimed king of toxic masculinity, who embraced Islam in 2022, is now making headlines for a different kind of generosity. Despite his past controversial claims and actions, he asserts to have supported various charitable initiatives in Romania, ranging from establishing a dog shelter to reconstructing an orphanage. However, his latest philanthropic endeavor takes altruism to a new level.

“I’m contributing $25 million annually to provide meals for children in war-torn nations, particularly in the Islamic world, as that’s where the conflicts are,” he shared in a video featured on “I’m launching the Tate Foundation, solely dedicated to charitable endeavors. I plan to allocate millions and millions of dollars towards humanitarian causes throughout the entirety of my life. I’ve been blessed with substantial wealth, far beyond my personal needs.”

Andrew Tate Youtube Channel
Andrew Tate. Pic: YouTube/FullSendPodcast

In a significant shift from his previous image, the individual is now committed to leveraging his financial abundance for positive impact and aiding those affected by conflicts, focusing on alleviating hunger among children in regions grappling with the ravages of war.

If the audience missed the point, the video made it crystal clear: “This is how the most renowned person on Earth leaves his mark. Despite relentless criticism from his fiercest opponents, he stands alone in actively striving to make the world a better place.” So, fast forward nine months, how’s he faring?

Tate’s Impact Unveiled: A $12 Million+ Humanitarian Endeavor Across 14+ Countries

As of yesterday, Tate and his brother Tristan Tate, as per information on Tate’s website, have generously contributed over “$12 million+” across “14+” countries in collaboration with “20+” non-governmental organizations (NGOs), having raised a staggering “$1,165,340+”. The impact has been transformative, touching countless lives. The website meticulously outlines 43 projects that Tate has supported, with the most recent initiative occurring on December 18, involving the provision of winter clothing for children in Yemen.

The breadth of their philanthropy encompasses diverse projects, ranging from installing water pumps in African villages to supplying school meals in Somali orphanages. Tate’s commitment extends to the distribution of clothing and food parcels in conflict-ridden regions such as Syria, Gaza, and Yemen. Notably, some of these initiatives receive additional financial support from Tate’s online network, War Room, where membership costs $8,000.

Examining these diverse programs, it seems evident that their contributions are empowering charity workers to carry out valuable and essential work. However, a challenge arises: there’s limited evidence supporting claims of impacting over a million lives or spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

Behind the Scenes of Tate’s Charitable Endeavors

In the video, fewer than 10 charities are featured, with at least one now closed. The most consistent partner for the Tates is Muslim Global Relief, a Manchester-based charity with an income of £3.4 million and three staff. Mohammed Bashir, the deputy managing director, shared that the organization had executed “16 to 20” projects with funds from the Tate this financial year, but the total expenditure was “at most £30,000.” When questioned about the nature of Tate-funded projects, Mr. Bashir explained, “One project at a time in different locations.” He also disclosed that the charity has decided to continue accepting funds from the Tatts despite the allegations. However, if found guilty, Global Muslim Relief will cut all ties with them.

Oddly, when I inquired about the money transfer process, he revealed that the Tates’ donations, project selections, and photo opportunities were managed by a journalist, whose identity he opted not to disclose. “We have no direct connection to [the Tate brothers],” stated Mr. Bashir. “There is a journalist here in the UK who serves as a representative, overseeing the charity arm for them. He is the one providing us with donations, and then we execute projects and provide them with appropriate feedback. There’s no sustained funding for any specific project in any particular country.” (I extended an invitation to the journalist to discuss his role through Mr. Bashir, but received no response.)

Concerns Arise Over Use of Media by Tates in Collaboration with Muslim Hands

When it comes to providing “fair feedback” to donors, it typically involves sharing videos showcasing how their contributions have been utilized. The Tates adopted this approach, publishing the footage on their website—a strategy aimed at enhancing their reputation but not without its share of criticism.

Muslim Hands, a well-regarded charity based in Nottingham with an income of £33 million and 113 staff, collaborated on eight projects with the Tates before the allegations surfaced. The charity now expresses regret over this association. “Muslim Hands is extremely concerned that several photographs and videos, originally provided privately to an individual donor for the purpose of verifying the delivery of aid projects by our staff, were used by Andrew and Tristan Tate without our permission on a website promoting charitable efforts,” the charity conveyed to me.

“In light of the serious charges filed against the Tate brothers in June, we formally requested the removal of all associated content from the Tates’ website several months ago. We made it explicitly clear that we neither endorse nor accept any donations on their behalf. This stance remains in effect. The video showcases eight projects by Muslim Hands: three in Niger, two in Mali, and three in Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. While the projects are featured on the TatePledge website, it is unacceptable that this material is utilized without our formal authorization for the Tate brothers’ fundraising efforts. This misrepresentation poses a risk to our reputation, implying a level of involvement and impact that does not align with the relatively modest donations we have received in this context.”

Charity Clarifies: No Funds from Tates Amid Unintended Spotlight

Human Appeal, another international relief charity, finds itself inadvertently highlighted on the Tates’ pledge site. In a video showcasing food distribution in Lebanon, a poster featuring the names of Andrew and Tristan Tate is displayed. Despite this exposure, the charity asserts that it did not receive any funds from the brothers. Human Appeal, with 500 staff and revenues of £43 million, clarified, “Human Appeal has never received any donations from Tristan or Andrew Tate. A member of the public in the UK donated legitimately and wanted to dedicate his donation in the name of Tristan and Andrew Tate. Like most charities, donors are allowed to dedicate their donation in the name of a third party of their choice.”

“The humanitarian aid distribution photos on the website were captured during a charity food distribution in Lebanon aimed at assisting vulnerable refugees. We shared these images with the donor. It’s important to note that neither Tristan nor Andrew Tate were present at this aid distribution, in adherence to our policy. Human Appeal is not the sole charity distancing itself from the Tates.

Upon describing a video on the Tate Pledge website, where an employee of Action for Humanity expressed gratitude to the Tate brothers, the Tate Foundation, and the War Room for the food, Action for Humanity, a Salford-based NGO, initiated an internal investigation. The organization provided hygiene kits following the earthquake in Morocco on September 8, coinciding with the time when the Tates were facing charges.”

Charity’s £800 Tate Donation: Internal Probe and Return Process Underway

Following an internal investigation, it was determined that the Tate brothers’ donation amounted to just £800 and was processed through the Canadian branch of the charity. A spokesperson clarified, “‘Action For Humanity – Canada’ operates independently despite being a partner organization of the UK-based ‘Action For Humanity – International.’ The latter has never received funds from the Tates. We can confirm the £800 donation was made to ‘Action For Humanity – Canada,’ and steps are underway to return the entire amount.”

The charity outlined its due diligence policy, noting that it scrutinizes donations exceeding £3,000. Regarding the £800 donation, the charity explained, “As this was a donation to our Canada office via a third-party charitable crowdsourcing platform [CanadaHelps], which passed our due diligence process, regrettably the donation was not rejected. However, a second donation attempt of £12,000 by the Tate Foundation in November 2023 to ‘Action For Humanity – Canada’ was declined as part of our due diligence procedures.”

Vanishing Acts: The Mystery of Disappearing Tate-Backed Donations

Meanwhile, some of the donations orchestrated by the Tates have seemingly vanished. The initial video on the Tate Pledge website, dated April 13, displays numerous construction workers in Dubai receiving food boxes from a charity called Life Guided by Light. Another Dubai-based food distribution, backed by the Tates and carried out by individuals donning Life Guided by Light T-shirts, took place in a car park designated for Chinese National Chemical Engineering Corporation (CNCEC) vehicles. The workers sported high-visibility jackets with CNCEC emblazoned on them.

However, attempts to reach out to Life Guided by Light revealed a surprising twist. The charity, which provided food to workers employed by a multinational corporation, CNCEC, had ceased to exist. The three trustees retired last year, citing zero income and zero expenditure throughout the year, leading to the official disbandment of the charity in September.

Earlier this week, I presented the Tate Pledge page to two senior academics well-versed in the charity sector. While they preferred not to be named, one expressed concern about “the use of stereotypical images of needy victims, which is now facing heavy criticism from the NGO community.” Notably, Tet videos often feature young African children expressing joy when given plates of food. Another academic remarked, “This sounds like a classic case of ‘charity washing’ – an attempt to shore up a badly damaged reputation through good deeds. I suspect many charities wouldn’t touch the money.”

Despite these concerns, the reality is that the Tate brothers and their War Room associates are indeed funding commendable projects in severely affected areas. Notably, they support a project benefiting children and orphans in Erbil, Syria, managed by the Little Hearts Foundation. The primary issue at hand revolves around the scale of funding and, notably, the lack of transparency.

Transparency Pledge: Andrew Tate Falls Silent on Donation Details

In a video dated June 4 on the Tate Pledge site, Andrew Tate pledged, “I promise to provide full accounts and receipts to prove that the money goes directly to charities feeding children in war-torn countries.” However, when I reached out to Tate’s US-based lawyer, Tina Glandian, to request access to these accounts and receipts, I received no response. Multiple emails to the Tates and their colleagues in Romania seeking details on charitable spending also went unanswered.

Ultimately, a UK intermediary approached the Tate team on my behalf, but the response was discouraging. “Unfortunately,” he conveyed, “they have decided not to comment at this time.”

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