Andrew Tate Shared Update on His Frozen Assets of $27 Million

According to recent reports from Reuters, the Bucharest Court of Appeals decided to re-examine Andrew Tate’s seized assets after his appeal. However, his assets will remain under the control of the government until a new ruling on the matter is made.

In 2023, social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate had spent their maximum time in jail on charges of human trafficking. They got freedom bit by bit till the end of the year. Now, they are under house arrest and not allowed to go outside the country.

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate
Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate. Credit – X (fka Twitter)

Recently, Tate shared a disheartening message on Twitter about his assets, seized by the government. He wrote “Now that I’ve been ordered to get all my things back, Dicott has put a request into the court to sell everything and keep the money. Make it make sense?

DIICOTT Pursues Tate Brothers for Millions in Seized Assets

DIICOTT or Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime, and Terrorism has been in charge of the case against the Tate brothers since the arrest. The team also submitted crucial evidence against the Tate brothers and asked to sell everything to compensate for the loss. 

In June 2023, the court released the documents, indicating the Tate brothers had collected millions of euros and acquired expensive assets and properties through their business.

He further said, “They stole 27 million without a single shred of evidence that we had many money illegally. A very smart judge threw it out. Now they have to prove to a new judge what money we “made.” If they prove 10k, they can keep 10k. They won’t prove a thing because it never happened. 27M of houses, cars, gold and cash on its way back to me. Mashallah.”

Over the tweet, the Tate brothers shared the recent update that the government will rethink their seized assets. The tweet from Tate News said, “The judge has accepted the Tate brother’s appeals regarding their assets. However, the Tate brothers have to go to a new hearing to evaluate the value of how much assets will be returned back.

Previously, the court rejected Tate’s appeal to return his seized assets. According to the Associated Press, the assets were 14 designer watches, 15 luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce and a Ferrari, and cash in several currencies. 

More Information on Tate Brother’s Seized Assets 

As all know, Mr Tate is being invested in the allegation of human tr*fficking and r*pe, which he never accepted. Tate has appealed to the court for his seized assets. There were two companies SC Ground Breaking Development SRL and The Cannon Run Limited listed in the appeal. 

The decision states that the Tate brothers have to visit the court and put in their legal efforts to reclaim their seized assets. Now, they have to justify the authenticity of their wealth.

Recently, a documentary entitled “I am Andrew Tate” was released in the UK. Directed by filmmaker Dan Reed, the film unfolds Tate’s alleged abuses. In the movie, one woman shared her experience of being choked while having s*x with Tate and threatened by him later. Much information was shared by the movie and indirectly influenced Tate’s case.

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