Mikhaila Peterson Responded to Andrew Tate’s Remark to his father Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro

Former kickboxer and popular social media personality Andrew Tate shared his response to Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro’s comments on Palestinian attacks.

He tweeted “Imagine being Ben or Jordan and not even saying sorry for encouraging the murder of fucking children Clowns.”

Over the last few months, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has become a sensational topic to discuss. Many famous personalities have shared their thoughts on the same.

During the conflict between Hamas and Israel, he donated $200,000 to Palestinian civilians. Recently, he reacted to commentator Ben Shapiro and popular author Jordan Peterson for sharing their support for Israel and criticizing Hamas. 

Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila Peterson responded to Tate’s post and clarified her stand. She tweeted “Anybody with half a brain knew that Dad was referring to Hamas, a terrorist organization, not Palestinian children. Anybody not paying attention to the rampant anti-semitism that’s occurring across the West is part of the problem. We can see who would’ve been the Nazis now.”

Jordan Peterson (L), Andrew Tate (C), Mikhaila Peterson (R). [Image credits: @mikhailapeterson, @jordan.b.peterson, @cobratateog on Instagram]

Mikhaila Peterson’s Relation With Andrew Tate

Mikhaila Peterson has denied dating rumors between her and Andrew Tate. In her podcast, she shared her opinions on her relationship with Tate. She said she met him in 2018 in Romania. They had a good time, hung out together, and visited different places.

One her tweets, Tate reacted “Oh hey, How you been.”  She reacted to Tate’s tweet and wrote “Finally! I still think you and Dad should talk eventually, but I’m not a huge fan of you misinterpreting his tweets to a massive audience. That being said, I’m also not a huge fan of his tweets when he should be doing long-form content about sensitive issues.”

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested in 2022 and are still facing the charges. They were arrested for the charges of rape and human trafficking. The accusations against Tate highlighted his involvement in a criminal operation, targeting vulnerable women. They are free from jail but on house arrest. They are not allowed to leave the country. 

Author Jordan Peterson’s Slams Tate for his lifestyle

Earlier, Jordan Peterson criticized Tate after a video surfaced online against him. The video has been posted by MilkBarTV (Twitter account holder), claiming that he has lied about the charges against him during his interview with former Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson.

With a caption, the video is reshared by a journalist named Alessandra Bocchi. The message was “Andrew Tate is accused of s*xually exploiting, emotionally manipulating, p*mp*ng, r*ping, and b*ating women. Much of which he admitted in the montage below. The webcam s*x business is how the Tate brothers built their massive wealth. That is what *they* said. Tucker Carlson, a supposedly traditional family man, left Tate off the hook. Even elevated him. So do many conservatives online who constantly degrade and berate women for being ‘wh*res’ and ‘materialistic’. Total hypocrisy.”

Over Bocchi’s tweet, Author Jordan responded and referred to Tate as a pimp. He said, “P*mps Electronic and otherwise Are the lowest form of life.”

He also added “I’m not particularly impressed by what he’s done on the sex business front. It seems to me a bit on the p**py side, let’s say and I’m not a great admirer of pimps….

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