Andrew Tate Sparks Debate with Controversial Statement on Corruption in Romania

In a recent turn of events, former kickboxer Andrew Tate has reversed his mindset on corruption in Romania. Following his arrest in the country on charges related to human trafficking and personal assault, he changed the statement that Romania is an easy target for corruption. 

During an interview with The New York Times, his lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, shared further insights into Tate’s newfound perspective and shed light on the circumstances surrounding his arrest. She said that “Tate said many stupid things [in the past]. He stopped thinking about Romania being so corrupt.”

She also mentioned the affluent background of Tate’s brother and their influence on the public. She rejects his interest in forcing women to act as slaves; they never demand money from girls. The problem is Tate’s lifestyle but lifestyle is not a crime.

Andrew Tate handcuffed with Tristian Tate
Andrew Tate offering Namaz (left) and Andrew Tate handcuffed with Tristian Tate (right) [Images Courtesy: @ArtistAJ17 and @amnakegossips on Twitter]

Currently, Tate is under house arrest along with his brother Tristan Tate and two Romanian women in the case of human trafficking. Self-identified misogynists moved to the country in 2017. He was expecting the country to be a risk-free place for organizing criminal behavior. However, all things changed when he was arrested in 2022 for forming an organized criminal group. Even though denying all allegations, he was held for three months in jail and awaits trial to be started. 

Being a popular online influencer, he never reveals why he has chosen his home as a business base. During his investigation, his high-end cars, including Andrew Tate Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, an Aston Martin, and a Porsche were seized by the Romanian authorities. Furthermore, he told his fans “I like living in a society where my money, my influence, and my power mean that I’m not below or beholden.” He has millions of followers on his Twitter account. He also claims that he is a trillionaire and has 19 passports. 

Romania Stills Lower On “Corruption Perceptions Index”

Findings of the State Department’s 2022 report on human trafficking reveal that Romania remains a primary source country of human trafficking in Europe. Among the other countries of the European Union, Romania still ranks lower in clean-government rankings. After getting the report, the country introduced some pivotal changes. A crime agency DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) has been created. The agency is also investigating Tate’s case.

In recent years, Romania has shown its dedicated commitment to tackling pervasive corruption and addressing the overall state of lawlessness that applied to the State’s case. Before his arrest, Tate had expressed his preference for residing in Romania. According to him, the country was easily accessible to all where a mere $50 bride could be enough for an individual’s escape. Romania’s ongoing efforts to tackle corruption have promoted a shift in Tate’s altered viewpoints and also raised questions about the changes. 

Around 2016, Tate established his base in the country. According to the crime investigation agency, under the hood of his webcam business, he lured women to perform personal videos and demand handsome money from his customers. The business is one of the great sources of earnings and adds value to Tate’s reputation. Apart from that, the directorate of the agency has started investigating 1246 new trafficking cases in order to combat the crime in the country.

Another statement on Andrew’s wrong behavior toward women is passed by the president of the Open Door Foundation Monica Boseff. She said that he was not the only one making creepy statements on social media against women. She further added that the country is making real improvements in tackling the abuse.

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