Andrew Tate’s Live Streams Attract More Than 400K Viewers

Another fame is created by renowned social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate after going live on the platform Rumble. This is the first live streaming of Tate’s brother since being released from Romanian custody.

According to YouTuber Keemstar, they attracted 433,000 concurrent views and made it the biggest broadcast of the year. Also, the telecast allowed Tate to enter into the top 10 most popular English-speaking content creators in live streaming.

Currently, they are placed under house arrest while the investigation continues. In the last two and half months, Tates has not joined any broadcast. Although, he gave an interview to BBC a few days back that created another controversy over the treatment he got during the communication.

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Rumble Got One of the Most Popular Broadcasts 

The live streaming of Tate’s brother erupted an unprecedented stir on the online video platform Rumble and became the most popular broadcast in history. However, some users experienced lag while browsing the website due to an inrush of viewers as per the media report

However, the broadcast was interrupted in the middle due to a power outage, fueling speculations that the brothers were under a ‘Matrix attack’ jokingly. Over the streaming, Keemstar wrote “Andrew Tate’s returned stream peaked over 432,000 live viewers on Rumble! This is the top five biggest streams ever on the internet.”

Further, the official handle of Rumble also tweets on achieving the influx of viewers without mentioning the name of Andrew Tate. They stated “Massive technological feat today with over 435,000 live viewers on one stream. Our servers in the USA were humming flawlessly, without issue. If you were overseas, some ISP’s couldn’t keep up with the size of the livestream and may have experienced some lag (not our problem).”

Tate’s Speech On Rumble Shed Light On His Case Investigation

During the live session on Rumble, which was remarked as an “Emergency Meeting,” Tate’s brother openly shared the ongoing investigation. He addressed his arrest and release as one of the largest events in cultural history.

During the streaming, he asked people to choose their side: truth vs. lies or good vs. evil. If they choose him, then he will teach them how to become rich, strong, and well-connected.

He also made anticipation for his return to live streaming on the platform, along with his brother. It cannot be ignored that his first live appearance, since being released from prison, drew a lot of attention from online communities and fans.

Users’ Reaction to Unexpected Obstruction of Andrew’s Live Streaming

Tate’s fans were excited to join the live session but felt terrible when a power outage interrupted it. The unexpected obstruction promoted interest and debate as everyone was curious to know the cause of the power outage and the depth of the connection.

After the obstruction, Andrew informed users and tweeted “The power in my house went out.” And, users started to share their reactions. 

One user wrote “The Matrix is trying to shut down the Top G.” while another tweeted “The moment Tate start talking about the Matrix, the power went out. Coincidence? I’d Say MATRIX ATTACK.”

A user also raised questions on the availability of generate while pointing to Andrew’s financial status; he wrote “The compound doesn’t have a backup generator that automatically switches over? I thought you were a millionaire?”

It is hard to imagine Andrew’s doing without creating curiosity and debate among online users. This live streaming may attract huge numbers of viewers but it ended with a controversy.

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