Andrew Tate Has Created Another Controversy by Pointing to Rapper Ice Spice

Controversy and Andrew Tate always go side by side. In his recent podcast alongside his brother Tristan Tate, Andrew ignited a long chain of discussions by pointing to rapper Ice Spice. During the podcast, he suggested that the rise of fame of Ice Spice is not attributed to her musical talent but rather to devil worship. He pointed her attire and gesture at the Super Bowl as evidence.

He said “On a very serious, serious note. You have someone wearing an upside-down cross making devil symbols at the biggest cultural event in American history. Everything I said about how you can see demons if you pay attention. Did you look at her and think that’s a demon?

He further added “But after listening to this, please pay attention. She is wearing an upside-down cross. The matrix has made her famous, nobody knows why, it’s certainly not because of fu**ing talent. And she is wearing Balenciaga, which we know are child molesters. And she is making devil symbols! What more, what kind of clue are you looking for if those aren’t the clues you need?

Andrew Tate goes off at Ice Spice’s Superbowl appearance (Image via Cobratate, Ice SpiceInstagram)

Tate’s Theory or Superstitious Conceptualization

In the Super Bowl, there is a lot of excitement among celebrities and stars, showing off their outfits and styles. However, the choices of Ice for her accessories and clothes sparked discussion and made her a topic of debate. In detail, she wore a chain that was labeled as Opium and was dressed in Balenciaga. The brand she has been wearing was involved in recent controversies.

According to social media influencer theory, these choices were not just a fashion, but 

signify her connection with demonic forces. He claimed that she was a demon and that statement spread outrage and skepticism and outrage over social media.

From Fame to Infamy: Digital Platform Can Change the Picture 

All this happened when Ice Spice went to watch Super Bowl LVIII with Taylor Swift on February 11, 2024. That’s why she was featured in several photos and videos from the event, which created conspiracy theories about her jewelry and dress.

Her pictures were trolled over social media and people pointed out her for wearing an “upside-down cross” as a pendant. They took the pendant as a gesture of devotion to Satanism. Twitter user “End Wokeness,” wrote “Demonic hand gestures on the big screen, upside down cross, Balenciaga sleeve. Not even hiding it.

One person wrote “Nothing to see here, just Taylor Swift’s bestie., Ice Spice, claiming allegiance to Satan at the Super Bowl via hand signals in slow motion. Move along.

Another Twitter user The Truth Seeker said, “This was Ice Spice at the Super Bowl yesterday, throwing up the satanic devil horn hand signs and wearing an upside-down cross. You’re not fooling anyone with that orange clown wig.” 

The controversy created by Andrew Tate against Ice Spice symbolized it as an example of a digital platform’s ability to take personal theories to a global audience. However, his accusations against Ice Spice lack evidence, thus emphasizing the significance of critical thinking and the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction in a world that is becoming more and more interconnected.

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