Andrew Tate Criticizes GTA 6 For Encouraging Young Kids to Shoot Police In The Virtual World

Social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate are not happy with the release of the Rockstar game and can’t understand what’s wrong with today’s society as it emphasizes car theft, violence, drugs, and more. 

Earlier this week, GTA stormed the world after the release of its first trailer for Rockstar Games. It became controversial as the game brought violence to the screen, especially for kids. During the live streaming on Rumble, Tate’s brothers criticized the game as they did not want to see young children shooting police officers even if it is in video games.

After the release of the GTA 6 trailer, Andrew asked his brother if he wanted to play the game. In this discussion, Tristan recalled his childhood memories and talked about Mario games.

GTA 6 Rockstar Games
The GTA 6 trailer shattered three Guinness World Records within just 24 hours of its debut, as showcased by Rockstar Games.

He said “Video games aren’t necessarily evil. But, you know, I remember when video games… cause I’m very old, I’m an old man… I remember playing a little man with a red cap trying to rescue the princess and teaming up with your brother. Now if rescuing purity from evil while teaming up with your brother isn’t a good theme of a video game, then I don’t know what it is…”

Andrew Tate said “I am a Fan” 

During the recent episode of the Tate’s Brother podcast, they shared their thoughts on the Rockstar Games and expressed their opposition to playing the game by young children. While sharing their perspectives, Andrew revealed that he never played any of the Grand Theft Auto games. On the violence of the GTA franchise, he said that he thought that the theme of the game was not good for society and wanted the games to pick a different direction.

He said, “I’m not a fan of anyone under the age of 18, 21 maybe, playing video games where the goal is to shoot police officers.” Additionally, Tristan offered some thoughts for the developers of Rockstar Game and said “I feel like they could put a better objective into these games. Maybe you are a police officer, maybe you are trying to stop criminals.”

Elon Musk Also Reacted To GTA Games

Twitter CEO Elon Musk also reacted to the GTA 6 game and said he didn’t like the Grand Theft Auto franchise. He commented under the thread of comments of Twitter users and wrote “Tried, but didn’t like doing crime. GTA5 required shooting police officers in the opening scene. Just couldn’t do it.”

His comment had shown his understanding and sympathy over the consequences of the virtual game. Replying to Musk’s comment, a user replied “Bet you if the first mission was a diamond mine in Africa you’d have kept playing.”

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in 2025. The game will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series S|X consoles. You cannot find the game on the desktop as per the company’s announcement.  However, Rockstar Games will not discourage their PC gamers and may announce the version for their platform shortly.

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